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Original title of the book:

Czas bestii. Terror w okupowanej Polsce 1939–1945

Title translated: Time of the Beast. Terror in Occupied Poland 1939-1945
Publisher: Instytut Pamięci Narodowej, IPN
Year of publication: 2023
Cover: hardcover
Number of pages: 496 pages
EAN: 9788382298307
ISBN: 978-83-8229-830-7
Language: polski
69.00 PLN
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Book description:

With 1,200 archival photographs, the album is the largest published collection of photographs presenting the faces of German and Soviet terror in the occupied Polish territories during World War II. It depicts the extermination of the Polish intelligentsia and the grim everyday reality of occupied Poland: mass executions, arrests, pacifications of Polish villages, but also the extermination of the Jewish population, deportations, deportations to forced labour to Germany and the Soviet Gulag, the functioning of prisons and camps of all kinds. The selected iconographic material was compiled after analysing the contents of the collections of the Archives of the Institute of National Remembrance and many other institutions in Poland and abroad, consisting of tens of thousands of photographs.